john knightWelcome. If you’re considering selling your business in the immediate future, or planning a longer term exit strategy, please read on to find out how I could help you achieve maximum value for your exit.

As a serial entrepreneur with 4 business disposals of my own under my belt, I feel I am uniquely qualified to help business owners and entrepreneurs maximise and realise the full value of their exit – I have empathy in what can be an exciting but sometimes fraught process.

I offer a personal, one-to-one service for businesses from around £1m up to c£12m turnover, which can include working alongside owners on a business exit strategy to maximise the value of the business over a period of months, or even years.

Alternatively, I’d be happy to help you exit your business straight away.

So, whether you would like to plan your exit for some time in the future – in which case, the sooner you start, the better – or, if you’d like to discuss selling your business immediately, please contact me on 01299 405999, or email

It’s important to plan your exit and the more of the following attributes your business has, the higher the potential value:

  • Consistent revenues but with potential for expansion
  • Cash generative with efficient cashflow management
  • Good spread of clients with repeat business
  • Contracted clients
  • USPs and key differentiators in your marketplace
  • Strong management team in place working under the owner/s
  • Loyal and long-serving workforce which is not too dependent upon one or two key individuals
  • Wide spread supplier network with efficient buying
  • Up to date compliance (tax, H&S, employment law, cyber security)
  • No onerous warranties or outstanding disputes
  • No litigation current or pending
  • Location & facilities
  • Good reputation
  • Intellectual property rights (patents, licences, trademarks, etc)
  • Strong brand

To ensure I can devote enough time to each client, I limit myself to a maximum of 4 clients at any one time within the c£1m – £12m turnover band.

In short, I really value your business.

Personal one-to-one service but within national network

Business broker, business consultancy & exit planning

Certified Value Builder advisor – maximise your business exit value

Business valuations – for part share sales, family sales, wealth assessments, etc.

Funding – access to specialist funders for growth & acquisition

Acquisitions – confidential approaches and ‘go between’

Financial, investment & wealth planning – access to my preferred partners

Devoted to clients. Always available to help you.