Welcome to Strategic Business Exits M&A Advisory: If you’re considering selling your business, either in the short term or in the foreseeable future, we can provide personal and expert M&A Advisory services from valuation, preparation for sale and marketing through to sale completion:

A business may be as important as a pension but business sales are not regulated. Any business sale, therefore, should be placed in trusted and safe hands, where the interests of the client are paramount.

As entrepreneurs ourselves and having been through 6 business disposals, 2 MBOs and 6 other acquisitions of our own, we are uniquely qualified to advise business owners on how to maximise and realise the full value of their exit.

Importantly, valuations are fully-researched, professionally prepared and realistic.

We offer a personal and professional service for businesses from around £1m up to c£15m turnover, which may include working alongside owners on a business exit strategy to maximise the value of the business over a period of months, or even years. Alternatively, we’d be happy to help you exit your business sooner.

Here is a summary of our approach and service commitment for clients:

If you’d like a confidential conversation about selling your business or planning your exit, please email: john@strategic-business-exits.com

Personal one-to-one service, national
network of associates & buyers

M&A Advisory, business consultancy & exit planning

Maximise your business exit value through a structured plan

Business valuations – for part share sales, family sales, wealth assessments, etc.

Funding – access to specialist funders for growth & acquisition

Acquisitions – confidential approaches and ‘go between’

Financial, investment & wealth planning – access to our preferred partners

Devoted to clients. Always available to help you.