Sell Your Business

We’re well aware that, as a business owner considering an exit, you have many options when it comes to finding help to sell your business. There are business brokers who will provide a personal level of support initially but who might pass you down to other people within their organisation once appointed. Working with us as your M&A Advisors, we will ensure you receive a personal service from trusted advisors, working with you every step of the way from valuation to completion of sale.

And how many of these business brokers have actually established, built and sold a business themselves?

Because we’re entrepreneurs ourselves and have built up and sold 6 businesses and been through 8 acquisitions of our own, we believe we are uniquely placed to help you achieve your exit, bringing our experience to bear as your personal M&A Advisors; working in partnership with you, our trusted strategic partners and your other advisors to ensure we attract the best possible buyer for your business.

Why Sell Your Business?

The fact you’re reading this means you are at least considering the disposal of your business. So, what are the key drivers in taking the decision to sell?

These could be manifold, but retirement, illness, a desire for change or a new challenge, or simply to realise some capital in return for years of hard work, are all valid reasons.

One major advantage in selling your business now would be to take advantage of the current 10% rate of Capital Gains Tax under Entrepreneurs’ Relief (or Business Asset Disposal Relief), available for qualifying business owners. Compare this capitalisation of your future income to working a few more years and paying income tax (and NI) at higher rates.

Current industry estimates show that there is over £2bn waiting to find a home in the UK through acquisitions.

Why work with us as Your M&A Advisors?

Because of our track record in building up and selling our own businesses without recourse to a broker and because of our service ethic honed over years of servicing very demanding large, corporate clients.

We provide a personal and bespoke service so we, along with our strategic partners and associates, can help you every step of the way. Strategic Business Exits works with business owners with turnover from around £1m up to around £15m.


Establishing a realistic valuation is key to achieving your sale. We will sit down with you, our valuation expert and your accountants and/or IFA to explore the various methodologies, including any unique selling points which might affect the value for certain potential buyers. Click on Business Valuations for more detail.

Exit Strategy

It is vital to set out a viable plan for your exit. This will include a review of the business and its performance to date, together with ensuring the business has structured plan aimed at maximising its value. For more detail go to Business Exit Strategies

Finding a Buyer

We will work with you and our strategic partners to ensure we identify key potential strategic or financial acquirers and agree how best to approach them. See Finding a Buyer for My Business.


We will work with you, our strategic partners and your advisors through every step; from marketing & finding targets, initial offer & Heads of Agreement to the signing of the Share Purchase Agreement (SPA). Go to Business Disposals for more information.

Fees & Expenses

Generally, fees for a business sale are made up of a retainer, together with a percentage commission on the eventual total sale price, payable upon completion.

In addition, there may be monthly consultancy fees for those clients who wish to hold regular, monthly (or as appropriate/necessary) strategic or exit planning meetings as consultants. In this instance, we may also charge for out of pocket expenses and mileage, where appropriate. All my charges will be subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.

For more information, please go to Costs Involved in Selling My Business.

Financial, Tax & Investment Planning

It’s vital to take early expert advice on the tax implications of selling your business. Also, you need to ensure your hard-earned money is invested appropriately to maximise returns.

Please see Tax & Wealth Planning